Album Review : Times of Pride and Peril from Holy Grail

Hey everyone ! We find ourselves today with an album review ! And the album in question is « Times of Pride and Peril » from the band « Holy Grail« .
This album marks the 3rd production from the Californian formation. The album is due February 12th by « Prosthetic Records« . After many listenings, there’s a certain fresh wind of what we are used to hearing. So without further a due let me fill you in on what I think about their new album ! I am going to be more than neutral in this critique seeing as up until now I didn’t know much about this band, so for me it was one hell of a discovery ! Enough of the wait ! Let’s begin !
This album begins in force with the song « Crystal king » and will rapidly set the tone for the rest of the album which is very powerful and rhythmic. Add to that occasional clear voice without any troubles to push up the intensity with an acuter voice, sometimes pointing out the voice of the singer of AC/DC.With no idle time the song « Waste them all away » starts, right from the top the instruments make themselves heard one by one then connecting quickly with guitar riffs/solos which sets the desired rhythm for the rest of the song, Same routine for the next song « Sudden Death« .
« Those who will remain » is the 4th song on the album and takes on a slower rhythm but is just as effective as the first songs. It’s always good to have several variations of rhythm, execution speeds and tones throughout the album as of now, giving a lot less chance of being redundant, which would make us quickly forget the album.So now we’re on the 5th song, and by far my favourite ! « Descent into the Maelstrom » begins directly with a powerful guitar solo /riff practically reminding us of solos played by death metal bands. After that we quickly find James Paul Luna‘s incredibly powerful voice which draws us in to a series of different passages and rhythms. What to say about the chorus ! It will stick in your head like an earworm ( known as a musical itch), and was meant for staying in your mind for a long long time ! Everything is just perfect in this song. Somewhere in the middle of the song there’s an excellent guitar solo that just adds more satisfaction to the final result. I know I’m repeating myself but for me this is the best song on the album.Next songs in the album are, Apotheosis’’, ‘’Psychomachia’’, ‘’No More Heroes’’ & ‘’Pro Patria Mori’’. These songs keep the same winning recipe as the others, that’s to say thorough riffs/solos and rhythm from the guitars and choruses which will stay engraved in our minds. Special mention for the song « Pro Patria Mori » with its very catchy chorus, that you surprisingly seem to hum even after the song has finished.And to finish it all comes the last song of the album called « Black Lotus ». For me, it is the most powerful song of the album. Throughout the various passages of guitars and even the bass, we discover some « scream » at the end, bringing a side even more « hard » to the album.

To conclude, this album was an amazing discovery for me. It’s certain that starting now « Holy Grail » is going to be a group that will be followed closely. Some people will perhaps regret the lack of « scream » and passages more « hard » like those heard in « Black lotus« . Each to his/her own, there’s no accounting for taste ! But I assure you that in spite of this, the album remains a necessary and it always remains so good even after a ton of repeated listening.

I’m giving the note of 9/10 !
I strongly recommand you to listen this album when it comes out on February 12th.
Please, buy the album to support the band!
Also a reminder that the group will be passing through Québec on March 1st at the cercle.
Tickets are already on sale at, directly at the cercle or at the EXO shop.

Until next time.

Rock on !

Christopher Drouin


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